General Pen Pal List...

FPS offers a general pen pal list in the form of a quarterly newsletter. So far, each issue of the FPS Newsletter contains more than 100 gay pen pal ads (male only). The newsletter contains ads which were submitted by mail, and also ads which were submitted online. Many of the ads in the printed newsletter include postal mailing address. Many others include an e-mail address (or both).

If you would like to enter a free personal pen pal ad in our upcoming issue, you may do so online now, or by mail (write for information).

Printed copies of our general pen pal lists (FPS Newsletter) are available individually or as a subscription. Here's how to order.

Additional details will be sent to you by mail if you request an information packet. Be sure your information request is for info about the newsletter. You may make your request to our email address, (or write to FPS, Box 234, Sierra Madre, Calif. 91025 USA).

If you would like an information packet mailed to your postal address, please send an e-mail message to with your address, or write to FPS, Box 234, Sierra Madre, Calif. 91025 USA.

Please e-mail comments, suggestions, or requests for information to: