This web page carries information on mimulus (monkeyflowers). I am very interested in bush mimulus (mimulus aurantiacus section diplacus and mimulus clevelandii). As an amateur grower and breeder, I have spent more than 20 years exploring these remarkable plants at my home in the foothills of Southern California.

Bush mimulus are tough, drought tolerant, perenial wonderplants. They do not need much care. In spring and summer they reward us with dozens of bright flowers. This is true for both the natives growing in the wild, and the hybrid varieties growing in the garden.

Bush mimulus has been cultivated for hundreds of years. Breeders have concentrated mainly on improved flowers and colors. However, the plant remains somewhat temperamental for widespread garden use and for nursery propagation. My goal in breeding this plant is to develope a very dwarf plant which can be distributed and propagated by seeds.

In the wild, bush mimulus is mostly native to California (USA), but is sometimes also found in Oregon (USA), as well as parts of Baja California (Mexico).

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